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women quotes

This post is on Women Quotes, the quotes by notable women who have seen the life and fought as brave fighters in the battlefield of life.

Some women have fought for the equality , some fought against physical disabilities. And some have sacrificed their lives for the needy. Some had worked wonder in the national and international political arena and arts. These women quotes would certainly encourage the readers to continue with the life facing all challenges.

Women Quotes

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.“-Eleanor Roosevelt

It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself“-Eleanor Roosevelt

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

“The only thing that makes one place more attractive to me than another is the quantity of heart I find in it.” – Jane Welsh Carlyle, 1801 – 1866 Scottish poet

“But men never violate the laws of God without suffering the consequences, sooner or later.” – Lydia M. Child, 1802 – 1880 American abolitionist, writer, and editor

“I listen and give input only if somebody asks.” – Barbara Bush, Former First Lady of the U.S. and humanitarian

“Light tomorrow with today.”- Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1806 – 1861, English poet

“It is easy to be independent when you’ve got money. But to be independent when you haven’t got a thing, that’s the Lord’s test.”Mahalia Jackson, 1911 – 1972, American Gospel singer

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” -Sophia Loren, Italian actress

“I think the key is for women not to set any limits.”-Martina Navratilova, Professional tennis player

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.” – Oprah Winfrey, American actress and talk show host

“Men their rights and nothing more; women their rights and nothing less.”-Susan B. Anthony

“Failure is impossible.”-Susan B. Anthony

“… The day will come when man will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race.”-Susan B. Anthony

“Enemies are so stimulating.”- Katharine Hepburn, American actress

“The future is made of the same stuff as the present.”-Simone Weil, 1909 – 1943, French theologian and philosopher

“Love is not enough. It must be the foundation, the cornerstone, but not the complete structure. It is much too pliable, too yielding.”- Bette Davis, 1908 – 1991, American actress

“Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”-Doris Lessing, English writer

“Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.”-Anna Freud, 1895 – 1982, Austrian psychotherapist and daughter of Sigmund Freud

“The beauty of the world, which is so soon to perish, has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder.”-Virginia Woolf, 1882 – 1941, English writer

“I never really address myself to any image anybody has of me. That’s like fighting with ghosts.”-Sally Field, American actress

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.”-Helen Keller

“I thank God for my handicaps, for through them, I have found myself, my work and my God.”-Helen Keller

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing-Helen Keller

“We’ve chosen the path to equality; don’t let them turn us around.”-Geraldine A. Ferraro, The first woman nominated as vice president of the U.S.

“There were angry men confronting me and I caught the flashing of defiant eyes, but above me and within me, there was a spirit stronger than them all.”-Antoinette Brown Blackwell, 1825 – 1921, The first woman in the U.S. to be ordained as a minister; feminist and writer

“The brain is not, and cannot be, the sole or complete organ of thought and feeling.”-Antoinette Brown Blackwell, 1825 – 1921, American minister, feminist and writer

“You can’t give people pride, but you can provide the kind of understanding that makes people look to their inner strengths and find their own sense of pride.”-Charleszetta Waddles, American nun and writer

“I’ve never sought success in order to get fame and money; it’s the talent and the passion that count in success.”-Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress and playwright

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” – Margaret Thatcher

“What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.” – Margaret Thatcher

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“Let our children grow tall, and some taller than others if they have it in them to do so.”– Margaret Thatcher
“To wear your heart on your sleeve isn’t a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best.”– Margaret Thatcher
“I wasn’t afraid to fail. Something good always comes out of failure.”- Anne Baxter, 1923 – 1985, American actress
“I am not a has-been. I’m a will-be.”
Lauren Bacall, American actress
“Many a humble soul will be amazed to find that the seed it sowed in weakness, in the dust of daily life, has blossomed into immortal flowers under the eye of the Lord.”-Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811 – 1896
American writer

“I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.”-Martha Washington, 1732 – 1802, Former First Lady of the U.S.
”If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.”
Mary Pickford, 1893 – 1979, American actress
“Yes, I have doubted. I have wandered off the path, but I always return. It is intuitive, an intrinsic, built-in sense of direction. I seem always to find my way home. My faith has wavered but saved me.”-Helen Hayes, 1900 – 1993,
American actress and writer
“We can do no great things-only small things with great love.”-Mother Teresa
“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.-Mother Teresa
“I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness.”-Mother Teresa
“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”-Mother Teresa
“The artist has always been and still is a being somewhat apart from the rest of humanity.”-Beatrice Hinkle, 1874 – 1953, American psychiatrist and writer
“When you get into a tight place and it seems you can’t go on, hold on, for that’s just the place and the time that the tide will turn.”- Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811 – 1896
American writer


Hope the selected set of women quotes will inspire many to face all ups and downs of lives with enthusiasm and energy.