Wedding Anniversary Quotes | Marriage Anniversary Quotes

wedding anniversary quotes

Wedding Anniversary Quotes – why so important? A wedding anniversary is such an important day for married couples that they hardly can forget that day every year, whatever be the current situation or status of their relationship is.

The couples who are happily married, generally try to do something special to make the wedding anniversary day a bit different from other days of the year. Wedding Anniversary Quotes are special types of quotes that add some additional ingredients to the marriage anniversary celebration.

The quotes below are listed in 2 sections:
Marriage Anniversary Quotes
1> from friends (to the couple)
2> from husband to wife and vice versa

Wedding Anniversary Quotes

We send quotes for wedding anniversary to our friends and relatives who are enjoying their special day. Similarly, a husband can send that to his wife and vice versa. Here are some quotes you can enjoy.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes
Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Marriage Anniversary Quotes and Wishes for friends

This day reminds the promises made for each other, for a conjugal life where love is unconditional and friendship is eternal.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Live a happy life maybe with a little bit of adjustment, but that is fine if you love each other even today.
Make your relationship a meaningful one with unconditional love and stay together as a successful couple for yourselves and your kids.

“Marriage is the greatest educational institution on earth. Congrats for being a student of this institute. Happy Wedding Anniversary”

“Marriage is an institution the appreciation of which increases as a man grows older. Happy Marriage Anniversary ”

“Marriage has many thorns, but celibacy no roses. Happy Marriage Anniversary ”

“Marriages are made in Heaven, but worked out on earth. Enjoy Your married life”

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. Happy Marriage Anniversary ”

“A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendship, all the enjoyments of sense and reason, and, indeed, all the sweets of life.” Happy Marriage Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Quotes
Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Your Spouse

Another successful year of the wedding as we still long to stay together as we believe we love each other more than ever before.

This year might have tested our patience as we have seen some bad days when we wanted to come out of all these, but I believe the coming year is surely going to bring us better days when we will be able to find again that old fragrance of love we were mad of.
We will think of those days when we were ready to do anything to be together, we will definitely bring those days back. We can do it.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes | Marriage

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