Reading Quotes – wise words about reading & its importance

reading quotes

Why Reading Quotes? New generation kids read less outside their school books- this is what we come to know from here and there. They mostly are busy in social media, gaming, etc, etc.

Now, these can’t be stamped as bad. With the change of time and era, this kind of change in our habit probably is natural. But that doesn’t advocate to avoid reading.

Reading books open up a new world and help us to imagine every scene we read in the storybooks. Our mind should be given freedom so that it also can direct a movie in our mind right from a story. Reading boosts our learning process – which should continue until our last moment.

Reading Quotes or wise sayings about reading helps us to think over and opt for reading – again maybe after a long period of time. But better late than never. Agree?

Reading Quotes

Reading provides exercise for our minds. It enriches our knowledgebase. Reading books allows us to experience the vast ocean of experience of our ancestors who had shared those in numerous books.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” — Joseph Addison

“The reading of good books is like conversation with the finest souls of the past centuries.” — Descartes

“The foundation of knowledge must be laid by reading.” — Samuel Johnson

“Learn to read slowly: all other graces will follow in their proper places.” — William Walker

“A page digested is better than a volume hurriedly read.” — Thomas Macaulay

“To read without reflecting, is like eating without digesting.” — Edmund Burke

“Force yourself to reflect on what you read, paragraph by paragraph.” — Samuel Coleridge

“Pick something valuable out of everything you read.” — Pliny the Elder

“No book can be so good as to be profitable when negligently read.” — Seneca

“Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest.” — Book of Common Prayer

“It is well to read everything of something, and something of everything.” — Lord Brougham

Quotes About Reading

Reading good books helps a lot to lead a balanced life. It helps us to spend some time with our inner core, which translates the reading texts to visuals. It’s a kind of meditation. When the world is full of noisy hustle-bustle, reading a book in a corner really takes us to a cool and calmer world of ours.

“Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” — Mortimer Adler

“Reading is seeing by proxy.” — Herbert Spencer

“Reading should be in proportion to thinking, and thinking in proportion to reading.” — Nathaniel Emmons

“Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman, but believing what he read made him mad.” — George Bernard Shaw

“I divide all readers into two classes: Those who read to remember and those who read to forget.” — William Phelps

“Where the press is free, and everyone is able to read, all is safe.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Every man is a volume if you know how to read him.” — William Channing

“The wise man reads both books and life itself.” — Lin Yutang

“In science, read, by preference, the newest works; in literature, the oldest. The classic literature is always modern.” — Bulwer-Lytton

“We should be as careful of the books we read, as of the company we keep. The dead very often have more power than the living.” — Tryon Edwards

“If you believe everything you read, better not read.” — Japanese proverb

Sayings about Reading

“We read too much; we have forgotten how to listen.” — Lincoln Steffens

“Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits.” — Einstein

“Anybody that’s got time to read half of the new books has got entirely too much time.” — Frank Hubbard

“As I cannot read all books, I will read only the best.” — DeQuincey

“Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them all.” — Thoreau

“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.” — Lady Mary Montagu

“A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.” — Mark Twain

Take Away

Reading Quotes initiates that spark within us that makes us pick that book from shelves that we bought long ago but could never start to read properly because of other priorities of our lives.

Now it’s time to invest in our inner child who wants to read and learn new things. Great and wise brains have said the same many times – read our post on learning quotes to go through their inspirational sayings. Certainly, you will get inspired to opt for more reading and learning.