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Here is a collection of funny gym quotes & images that gym-goers would love to see. You can use the images as funny memes as well. These quotes & sayings are related to gym workouts and have a funny side with them. It’s not easy to pump the irons as it really needs a high level of discipline and hard work in gymnasiums. But at times the workout schedule becomes so boring that some light jokes really work wonders.

And if those are funny gym memes with funny quotes related to gym workouts then who wouldn’t like to go through those in-between the training sessions?

Funny Gym Quotes that gym-goers must enjoy

The next quote has some kind of fun and sarcasm hidden behind that.

Many of us just go on thinking that we will start something (like working out to tone our body). But in reality we someway or other just avoid doing that. This is a bad habit for sure.

We have to come out of our world of imagination and take some real-life steps.

Funny Gym Quotes & memes about some casual gym-goers and their common behavior

“I always imagined myself working out in a gym. The report shows my ‘imagination‘ has built up strong muscles. …….. Now I see myself as the ‘World Champ’..that too in my imagination.”


Workout in a gym is a hectic business.

Sometimes when the ‘strict’ trainer is not around, do you think of taking a quick nap?

See the next 2 funny memes relate to a common behavior of some casual gym-goers when the gym trainer or coach is not nearby.

power nap in a gym - funny gym quotes with funny image or meme
Power Nap

Gym Quotes Funny for all gym & fun lovers

Will you prefer to take a ‘Power’ nap when you are too tired and the trainer is not around?

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In many situations of our society or family, we find one or two persons are lifting all the responsibilities when others are just watching.

Do you see a similar situation in the next funny meme?


Funny gym memes

The right time to touch up the teeth?
“Brush my teeth”

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Enough Workout for today. Let me go before my muscles burst out.

“I need a break” – a thought that comes so often.

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Look At him!

It seems like he “will break it just by staring”.

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Gossiping in the gym – many do this whenever there is a chance. There are so many topics to discuss.

Maybe there is one stock-market enthusiast and that guy is looking for someone with the same interest because he wants to discuss before buying some stocks he has in mind.

Now he can come to you and ask the following question. Just imagine.

“Buddy, any idea of the stock market?”

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These funny gym quotes with memes collection can be used to bring in some innocent joy and laughs to someone exercising so hard. A few such joyous and light moments may charge us to work more.

Please note that these are not made to hurt anybody’s sentiment. Please take these lightly and just enjoy the short messages.
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