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funny friendship quotes

Friendship is a gift to us. Funny quotes about friends remind us of those unforgettable memories we had with our best pals in different phases of life. These funny friendship quotes help us to express our innermost feelings for our best buddies without any masking. These are our frank expressions about those old friends who know so many secrets of life and who stand by us through our thick and thin.

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Funny quotes about friends

Best friends don’t mind getting disturbed.

Most of the time Good friends don’t need a prior appointment to meet. They can call each other at any odd hour irrespective of having or not having something important to share.

‘I just wanted to see you / hear your voice my friend’ – this can be their first word when they meet or call.

I don’t let my best friends be alone…I keep on disturbing them.

A best friend can be as good as a tasty egg in spite of having some qualities which we may not like fully.

That little mismatch doesn’t make much difference in our friendship, actually, that gives our friendly relationship a different “sweet & sour” taste.

My best friend is like a good egg..but with a slight crack.

Funny quotes about friends
Funny quotes about friends

The deepest secrets can be shared with the best pals but sharing toothbrushes and underwear?

Never! – as said by one of the funny quotes about friends collection on this page.

I can share every secret with you my friend, but can’t share my toothbrush and underwear.

My best friend always tries to keep my dignity and position high in any group.

Because my friend wants that I feel good always.

That guy in the group who laughs out loud at my worst joke is my best friend. He does it without being ashamed just to make me feel good.

Funny Friendship Quotes

Funny Friendship Quotes

We depend so much on our best pals – they are like protective walls. We take them for granted most of the time.

And sometimes start blaming them due to some shortfall.

In our hearts, we believe that they will never take those blame as something painful. And when we call them again they will smile back as ever before.

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Best Friends are like walls.. you can write anything on them or even lean on them when you need support.”

Funny quotes for friends

We do so many innocent & silly things in our school and colleges along with our friends – and we prefer to do those together always.

We did so many innocent & silly things in our school…we used to consult seriously to make it the silliest one possible ..then we used to do it together.

Funny quotes on friendship

Best friends share food even in schools

I carry two tiffin boxes. The bigger one is for my friends.

Old friends quotes with funny tone

Sometimes we continue some friendships we started long long ago. Those are evergreen. These old friends become our family in fact. In kith and kin, they are there with us. Here is one of those “old friends quotes” for you.

We were good friends when we were in KG. We are best friends now..and we are in college.

funny meme friends

Friendship is a kind of addiction. We go on searching for our soulmates.

I have one addiction. Friendship.

friendship meme

The next quote talks of the modern age ‘Virtual friendships’ and emphasizes continuing friendships with our good old friends we meet in our early days.

I don’t look for good friends over the internet, I have enough from my school days.

Take away: funny friendship meme and words

Friendship is priceless. A true friend is not easily available.

If we have good friends then it lessens our mental and physical burdens, because we find them through our kith and kins.

And we all know, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Funny quotes about friends with funny friendship memes celebrate the bond between friends. This bond is one of the greatest relationships on the earth like an oasis in a heartless desert.

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