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Every school or college goer has some funny moments to share about student life. School Memes are some Funny memes made to relive those wonderful moments. Who says that the exam was not a bugbear? Very few, right. But for others, the word exam brings back memories of those days full of worries, tension, sleepless nights and prayers. Exam Memes are there to bring back those moments with a lighter approach towards life.

Life Meme with a burning Question of life | school memes

The meme below shows two different phases of our life. One is full of joy and spontaneity. The other one is just participating in a RAT RACE. Agreed?

exam memes | school memes | funny memes

Life Meme – Dad and Son

This dad trusts his son. I am sure his son will keep his promise. Mutual trust in every relationship is of utmost importance.

Son: Dad, next time I’ll work harder.
Dad: (Stares affectionately) Sure, my son. I trust you.

funny memes - school memes - exam memes

School Memes | High school or college days |funny memes

If you have been a teacher you know these students of the meme below. These easygoing folks are not very serious at their studies but they are good innocent souls with smiling faces.

If you are a student, you may have this kind of guy in your class, or maybe you are that funloving funny guy!

exam memes | school memes | funny memes

Some subjects are so boring (maybe the teacher makes it so sometimes or I am not just fit for the complexities of this subject – who knows!)

The promise is often made only to be broken – at least for this scenario!

exam memes | school memes | funny memes
student memes

This heart wants more| funny memes | Dad & Son

A sports bike after the board exam? or during college admission? There may be pampering dads, but this kind of dad is also there – maybe they are near extinct!

funny memes - school memes - exam memes

School memes | Funny memes | Exam memes |Preparation

Last Minute Preparation for Exam – Does it help always?

The days just before the exam are probably the most taxing days of young lives. So many sleepless nights! Waking up so early in the morning! Oh my god!

While last-minute preparation helps or not is an arguable question, but sometimes folks forget to wear something vital. Like this guy in the below meme. Funny meme, right?

funny memes - school memes - exam memes

Nothing common in the Q set | School memes | exam memes

It’s really disappointing when you find not a single question in the question paper that you can properly attempt! It’s a common nightmare of mine. I often see myself in an exam hall in that dream and generally, it comes up as a maths test. And obviously I find myself with an empty answer sheet. Does this happen to some of you as well?

Funny Memes | exam memes

Have you seen the reaction of an overjoyed dad when his kids pass after a long long effort? Be there, you may get an on the spot reward just for being there!

exam memes | school memes | funny memes

Superhero memes | Bollywood vs Hollywood

SuperHeroes are supposed to fight against the Big Villains when our planet is in danger. But when there is no such big threat from an alien or a super-natural villain then our heroes may be found fighting against each other. No, nothing serious probably, they are just warming up. As a result “Civil War” movie is required in Hollywood and a “WAR” movie results in Bollywood.

funny memes

Have you ever experienced such a situation depicted in the meme below? When your urinary bladder is full and on the verge of overflowing, but the teacher has no intention to take a break.

School Memes | College memes | Tough teacher vs unstoppable boy

funny memes - school memes

Some may argue that the student should ask for permission to go to the washroom before the emergency arises. But do you know there are occasions when their requests are denied? These are denied as their requests are taken as an excuse to skip class time. We agree that there are students who take different ways to skip classes. But every student is not like them. Similarly, we also admit there are many teachers who are capable enough to identify genuine requests and very helpful to the students. Our deep regards to these kind-hearted teachers.

We will add more such funny memes. I hope you have liked the exam memes and school memes.

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