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reality of life quotes featured image

Quotes on the reality of life’s journey about truths in life like death, betrayal

Here we will discuss and list down some mentionable Quotes on the reality of life & its journey. These sayings ...
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quotes to fight depression

35+ life-changing Quotes to challenge and prevent depression

Here we present 35+ life-changing Quotes to challenge and prevent depression. Depression is a curse of this modern civilization. The ...
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quotes to remove your fear

11 Quotes to remove fear from the mind

In this post, you will find 11 Quotes to remove fear from the mind that in turn helps you take ...
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criticism quotes

Criticism Quotes – how to excel in work and life ignoring criticism

Criticism Quotes tell us not to spend our time in criticism of others. These Quotes also tell us how to ...
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destiny quotes

Destiny Quotes – can our present and choices define our life & love

Destiny Quotes are those well thought over words of wise minds that provoke us to think about how our present ...
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keep going quotes

Keep Going Quotes – go on without quitting

Keep Going Quotes inspire us to continue without any pause in spite of not getting an early result of hard ...
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fear quotes

Fear Quotes – how to know your fears & overcome them

Fear Quotes draw our attention to identify our fears - the fears those are hiding in our minds and thought ...
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opportunity quotes

Opportunity Quotes – famous sayings for business, sports, & life

Famous Opportunity Quotes of this post are not only applicable to the opportunities in daily life, but also these are ...
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winning quotes

Winning Quotes – How Winning matters over Losing

Winning Quotes present a debate in front of us - whether winning or victory is important always? And if losing ...
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parenting quotes

Parenting Quotes – how parenting is an opportunity for us

Parenting is a very interesting subject to discuss and Parenting Quotes can quickly present some important lessons and experiences related ...
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freedom quotes | independence quotes - featured image

Freedom Quotes – interpretation of freedom & independence

Freedom Quotes celebrates the independence of human existence and freedom of souls from all blemishes and negativities. Wise people of ...
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Moving On Quotes by Letting Go | Let it go & Move On Quotes

Moving on Quotes are our safety valves. Because these quotes help us to get rid of all negativities of our ...
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success quotes

Success Quotes in English to get an inspired life even after failures

“Nothing succeeds like success.” - This quote and other similar Success Quotes talk a lot about what success is and ...
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Rocky Balboa Quotes Featured Image

Rocky Balboa Quotes -inspirational quotes to face the real world

Rocky Balboa quotes are those bold and inspirational sayings quoted by Rocky Balboa, the central character of the Rocky movie ...
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Home Quotes for buying, decor, building, housekeeping, cleaning your home

Home Quotes while buying building cleaning decor housekeeping your home

Home Quotes are those wordings or sayings that relate to your experience when you purchase your first apartment or you ...
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Hindi Quotes | Quotes in Hindi

Quotes in Hindi – selected power sayings in Hindi for a better life

Quotes in Hindi - in this post we are presenting a bunch of selected thought-provoking, enlightening and inspiring Hindi Quotes ...
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never give up quotes

Never Give Up Quotes to carry on with strength among all adversities

Never give up quotes in this post tell us to get up and try again after every fall. Every struggle, ...
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bullying quotes

Bullying Quotes – how to combat bullying in schools, offices and in our life

This post is on Bullying Quotes and it presents a collection of anti-bullying statements and comments. Some are related to ...
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strength quotes

Strength Quotes – how to be stronger mentally and physically

Strength Quotes describe how we can be strong enough to face the challenges in our life. These quotes refer to ...
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Hope quotes | featured image

Hope Quotes to get inspired and never give up in future

Hope makes us hang on for that light at the end of the darkest tunnel in our life. But what ...
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fame quotes | featured image

Fame Quotes – words on fame, being famous and price to pay

Here is a post on "Fame Quotes". But why on earth we are talking of fame? Because it's quite important ...
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ambition quotes | featured image

Ambition Quotes – life with ambition a boon or bane?

Ambition Quotes talk of that never satisfying human attribute that is in one hand the key to all kinds of ...
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Relationship Quotes

Relationship Quotes – how to better your relationships?

Relationship Quotes - This is the topic of this post. A relationship is important to us - as a 'social ...
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family quotes | featured image

Family Quotes – Inspirational for a happy family full of love

This post is compiled to present you selected Family Quotes - for a happy family that is full of unconditional ...
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friendship quotes

Friendship Quotes

“Friendship is the highest degree of perfection in society.” — Montaigne “Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.” ...
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friendship status

Friendship Status messages to share on social media

This post celebrates friendship with awesome words that you can use as friendship status messages. Friendship is an unique relationship ...
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heart touching quotes

Heart Touching quotes that make you think and reflect

Heart Touching Quotes are those quotes that not only provokes to think deeply but also touches our inner core. The ...
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sad quotes | Sad quotes about life | sad quotes love

Sad Quotes you feel like about Life & Love

We run behind happiness and success. On our way, everything we face is not pleasing always. All unhappy frictions in ...
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leadership quotes

Awakening Leadership quotes for future leaders

How can Leadership quotes and sayings help us? Are these sayings about leadership really going to change anything? Probably these ...
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act now - action quotes

How “Action Quotes” inspire to take action & do it now?

Action Quotes are motivational words and sayings that push us hard to shed our laziness and jump into action NOW ...
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time quotes | about life , about love , value of time

Stimulating “Time Quotes” about Life, Love and Value of time

Time Quotes are awakening and thought-provoking words of wisdom that remind us of the value of time. They tell us ...
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Goal setting quotes

Achieve goals with “Goal Quotes” & Make your dreams true

Goal Quotes are those special quotes or wise sayings that pushes us to set our life goals and purpose and ...
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positive quotes | try quotes | quotes positive

Mindblowing “Positive Quotes” for your Life, Work & Attitude

Positive Quotes for a positive mindset - this is what we will cover in this post. Having a positive mindset ...
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motivational quotes

Motivational Quotes and words to boost and motivate you

Why do we require Motivational quotes? A person who wants to run towards a goal incessantly needs something inside, that ...
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Inspirational quotes

Inspirational Quotes – how to live an inspired life?

Why do we need Inspirational quotes? Almost everyone probably will agree that life is not a bed of roses. As ...
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life quote to make you stronger

Deep and meaningful Life Lessons or lifehacks to guide you

In this post instead of quoting the known quotes of well-known and famous persons, let's find out a collection of ...
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Life Quotes for leading a happy and meaningful life – Beautiful Life Sayings & Lessons

This post is dedicatedly on Life Quotes for leading a happy and meaningful life. In our life motivation is like ...
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