Background is a brainchild of Anupam M, an engineering graduate with more than 2 decades of working experience in different technical domains.

Anupam M is the man behind this blog. He is an experienced IT professional with an Engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology(NIT). He runs a few other blogs of multiple niches. In this blog, Anupam presents interesting write-ups on different categories for the esteemed readers living across the globe. Though started with Quotes, and memes initially, later many more areas are being included. The primary objectives are to cover topics related to Good Life and Education.

Anupam is an avid blogger with multiple blogs of different niches where he shares his knowledge and experience. One such blog he runs for high school science students: physics for high school

In his life and career, he has seen many ups and downs and learned some important life lessons.

In his early career, he ran behind his career and success.

But in this process, Anupam gradually realized a few secrets to leading a good and balanced life besides doing well in his career.

He strongly believes that health and family are 2 pillars of a successful life.

‘Good health’ to him is not only about physical well beings, rather it does include well beings of our mental state as well.

He believes that a balanced mind with a well-maintained physical body can help us to go ahead with the head held high in our life.


Blogger Anupam M wants to make this blog enriched with topics that can help people to live a better and balanced life or at least, provide the readers with something enriching and valuable to read and think over.

Anupam wishes to cover topics related to both ‘mental well-being’ and ‘physical well-being‘.

That’s why you will get comprehensive posts on ‘motivational’ and ‘inspirational’ quotes that will help the readers to win over all the obstacles of their lives and move ahead on their life path.

Readers will find ‘Wish’ posts for different festivals and special events with good HD images which then can share among friends and share joy as well. As ‘Sharing’ is caring.


In this blog, Anupam has selected a mix of interrelated subjects or topics to cover. The topics can be of any category listed below.

Quotes | Sayings

(1) Creating posts on Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational stories, etc is important because so many people are in ‘distress’ due to so many reasons.

Sometimes we are so much bogged down by the blows we receive from different corners of our own universe that continuing again with vigor seems so difficult for us.

At that point what we want the most is a voice, an inspiring something, that again starts us up to run one more mile.

This voice may come from inside.

Sometimes it comes from our mentors.

But for most of us, we need to fetch those from strong inspiring quotes.

This Blog will publish inspiring and motivating quotes for the readers.

Wishes – Text & Image-based

(2) Creating posts on Event-based image wishes: we need to socialize as we are not robots.

We have so many festivals to charge up our spirits.

We have responsibilities to our near and dear ones as well who expect a few words from us.

In this busy world, we can spend a few moments sending a few messages and image wishes to them and can bring a smile to their faces.

It’s an important work indeed.

Physical and Mental health

(3) Trending Topics related to physical health and mental health like Yoga, herbal, exercises, light discussion

Images – Memes

(4) Creating intelligent and thought-provoking memes – The memes focus on different activities and events which are happening around us every day and try to share some thoughts or questions around that. and last but not least,

Discussion about good Music, hobbies, etc

(5) Music – topics on good music will be a plus because it is what we need a lot in our lonely hours.

Good music can help to improve our mental well beings and that in turn will help to maintain an energetic body as well.

Just be with Us

We are determined to produce and deliver quality content for our readers.

We are always open to constructive feedback.

If you really love our content and want us to improve on any areas we are working on here, just send us an email with your detailed suggestion.

And we will definitely look into it.